Thursday, October 4, 2012

You can't mess with my sistah!

I can't believe I missed noting something so important, so here it is before I completely forget it. About 2 weeks ago, we were all in the soccer field while Big M was having his team practice. The kids were playing with the other siblings, running around, rolling on the grass. It so happened that one the kids they were playing with were also a pair of twins just slightly older than the girls, and the youngest is a boy that is just months older than Little M.

They were all running around, when K stopped. One of the twin boys came and by accident pushed K and K lost her footing. Being so late in the day and being tired from school, K was a bit whiny and started crying. Daddy and I walked over to her to console her and assure the other kid that everything was fine. The boy stood a few feet away looking, probably feeling somewhat responsible. His twin noticed what was going on, and started walking over to everyone and as soon as Little M saw the boy approaching, he started pushing and making a mean face towards him. Daddy grabbed hold of Little M to prevent him from hurting the older kid. We stared at each other open-mouthed. The mother, who saw the whole thing, was pretty amused. We apologized and explained that Little M has never acted protective before.

The boy was fearless, taking on someone twice his size and twice his age to protect his big sister. Who would have thought.  Don't mess with him!

I think Daddy is a little proud in that when the girls get older and start liking boys, that he has someone else to intimidate the boys away.

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