Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flight to Disney World

The start of our magical vacation on Dec. 18 was off to a rocky start. We left the house bright and early at 7:30am in order to have plenty of time for our 9am departure to NJ. We had plenty of time except our flight was delayed due to weather. It said it wasn't going to arrive in Albany until 1130am. The problem was our flight from NJ to FL was due to leave 12:15pm. Fortunately, we prepared for such an event of long waits and each of the kids had their own rolling backpacks full of crayons, notebook, coloring books, and friends. While I watched everyone, Daddy went to work on securing a different flight to FL. Thankfully, everyone he spoke with at United were friendly.

The kids kept asking when the plane would be there, because they want to go! We were hungry, and cranky. Finally, we left Albany at 11:45. When we arrived in NJ, our next flight to FL was not to leave until 5pm....another long wait for the kids. Our original time of arrival to FL was supposed to be 4pm. Instead we arrived at our resort at 11pm. None of the older kids had any kind of nap. Little M had only a 20 minute nap the entire day.

Our magical express bus ride from the airport to the resort was very exciting for the older 3. They kept seeing something about Disney and they knew we were finally close. After checking in at 11 pm, we found out our bags were not there yet. Tired, hungry, and no bedtime clothes, we ate at the dining area and had a midnight snack. We took pictures of the Disney Cars characters all over the resort.

Finally, at 1130 we got our bags. We changed the kids, gave them medicine and off to bed they went. Little M was a little warm to the touch that day, and he was wheezing. Thankfully, we took his nebulizer with us. Through the length of our stay, he battled coughing due to asthma which brought on vomiting. The vomiting was only recently controlled with the new meds (prevacid), but the vomiting came back with the coughing. Daddy stole all the barf bags in the plane in our seats, and we took it with us. We did have to use a few of them.

Little M had some low grade fever. I gave him Ibuprofen, and had to use that for 2 days, until whatever he had was gone. Of course, the coughing asthma stayed. Before we bed, and before we left in the morning, and whenever we came back for a nap, he had to have a treatment.

The start of our vacation was off to a rocky start with everyone starting off exhausted.

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