Thursday, January 24, 2013

My little models

I started sewing because If my girls. Dresses are expensive and when I have to guy two things get a little crazy. More often than not, I choose not to buy dresses unless there is a special occasion. Now I do many other crafts, but lately I find that I don't care for those as much as I like sewing. I enjoy Doug applique and trying new things, but I love sewing the most. It makes me feel better. There are times when the house looks like a bomb exploded, I don't care because I want to sew. It's my down time, my me time.

I have opened a shop not only to save money but I guess it's to fund a hobby. I don't have a shop to get rich. I do t think that'll ever happen.

J's dress is my latest creation. It's a design by Petite Kids Boutique. I will be making more to sell in my shop so please keep visiting. I've had all the fabric for a long time and I actually started K's dress as a 1st day of kindergarten outfit but it was too big. The matching Capri pants look more like pajamas, but the top works for layering.

It also feeds the minor urge to dress my twins similarly (thy stopped wearing same clothes at 2).

Miss K is quite natural at posing. She likes to be "stylish" (her word). Miss J also likes to be stylish but every time I make her pose, she looked hunched over. There has been time she absolutely looks gorgeous and posed, but this day was not that day.

This was on a fairly "warm". Warm is a relative term of course. Today at 9am it was -15. All this week has been quite a chore with this arctic weather. I've been driving he kids to school and picking them up because standing at the bus stop can be quite dangerous for Little M. I bundled him up quite well on Tuesday, but we went out too early and the bus came late. Little M's fingers were quite red under his waterproof snow gloves. My legs, which were only covered by 1 layer of clothing were quite numb.

Next week we are hopefully back to more normal and civil temperature.

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