Thursday, January 10, 2013

My young padawan's Jedi training at Hollywood Studios

Big M began his Star Wars journey when we bought his first Star Wars Lego at 3 years old. You can just imagine that at almost 8 years old, the Jedi Training at Hollywood Studios would be one of his absolute favorite at Disney World.

We went to Hollywood Studios on our 2nd full day at Disney, and we walked in on the middle of a Jedi training. We were all mesmerized, so Daddy and Big M ran in to sign him up for a later show in the evening. J and K were going to sign up, but they both changed their mind at the sign-up.

When it came back later that evening, K, J, Little M and I sat ourselves in front of the stage (we were one of the 2 families already waiting) and waited. One of the man keeping an eye on the area were chatting with the girls and just having fun. A few minutes later, I heard the man on the radio asking if there were room in the Jedi training class for 2 more girls. He was talking about my girls. Good thing it didn't work out, since the girls already said they didn't want to do it. The man was thoughtful though, which is one of those things that makes an already magical vacation even more magical. :)

Little M was engrossed watching his big brother fight Vader. At some point he started getting mad at Vader, too. He is just like his mommy, ready to defend a family member.

Here is a video of the later half of the Jedi training, which includes a funny skit of the storm troopers. We got a kick out of this one.

What a fun evening! We loved watching Big M enjoy himself....and yes, he's the boy wearing a rebel alliance symbol that I made. :) He and Daddy wore the same shirt that day.

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