Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Balloon Festival

We witnessed our family's first ever Balloon Festival last weekend in this Texan heat. We saw parachuters first which were really just a tiniest speck in the sky until it got close to the ground. I wish I had more than a point and shoot camera for this day. The kids thought they were cool, for a moment anyway. Big M found a girl catching crickets and so they bonded over that most of the afternoon. It was a good thing really. The crickets were better off in the little girl's container than hopping around freaking me out. Although I kept pretty calm since we were with new friends. Didn't want them thinking I'm weird and all.

The girls stayed in our blanket playing with their new friend, also 3 years old. We tried to keep cool, but you can only do that so much in this humid hot weather. At one point in the evening there was absolutely no breeze at all. K and Big M were soaked with sweat.

The balloon launch was pretty to watch, but not as cool as the balloon glow. That was beautiful. What's not beautiful is the fact that the kids had to go potty. It's never a good thing when you have to use a port-a-potty. With 50,000 people roaming around... well, yuck.

When dark came we oohed and aahed  at the beautiful glowing balloons while trying to avoid all manners of bug life forms. Thank goodness for our new friends coming prepared with bug repellent wipes. Daddy took Big M to slide on a few inflatables and then we were out of there. Three hours in the hot humid weather and we were all spent.

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