Thursday, September 9, 2010

spent more but had lots of fun

On Labor Day we decided not to fight the crowds and go biking in the park instead, and it would be cheaper. But the girls have outgrown their trikes so we needed to buy bikes and helmets. But the 2 bikes and 3 helmets ended up costing more than going out, but we definitely had fun, that is, after the girls figured out how to pedal. We somehow didn't anticipate that pedaling would be a problem. Big M went on ahead and had to wait for the rest of us, while Daddy worked with K, and I worked with J. They both put weight on the pedals backward which not only prevented them from going forward, we couldn't even push them forward. After a few minutes, we switched girls, and after much frustration, I was able to help K finally get it. So K was cruising along and Daddy and J were far behind. Daddy was about to lose it, so we switched again so I could work with J. I was so frustrated I just ended up laughing like a lunatic. Then she finally got it! So for the second half of our time, we were able to walk while the 3 kids biked. While waiting for all of us to catch up, Big M hunted for bugs. He found a cricket which he planned on scaring me with.

Thank goodness the cricket had other plans and hopped off before getting to me. Big M then proceeded to look for his cricket friend. When they were reunited, cricket hitched a ride on Big M's back.

Big M's bike was inherited from Daddy's friend. He loves it because it looks like a motorcycle. He gets to be a cool dude. He still needs training wheels though. We don't allow him to bike nearly enough to work on balance. I'm planning on making the trip to the park a weekly event, so hopefully he can master his balance soon enough.

About a quarter through the path when the girls have mastered pedaling, the kids were soon raising each other to be in the front. Thankfully we didn't have to work on steering!

The weather was not as hot as previous days and because we went to the park early at 9:30. By 10 it was getting warm so we set up a blanket and had some snack, and to check for stinky diaper. Little M quiet the entire time. He was enjoying the sights and sounds.

Little M scratches his face very hard at night!

By 11am when the temperature was hitting 80 ish, we let the kids play in the playground and then hightailed out of there to get ice cream!

The kids had a lot of fun. They've been wanting to go outside, but it's just been so hot. We are starting to hover in the 9o's now, so maybe, hopefully, it'll cool down soon.

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