Saturday, March 26, 2011

good behavior

February was full of good news in regards to Big M. After a few days of completing a recommendation to the program in which Daddy and I scoured the blog for proof of Big M's giftedness, and after Big M endured several tests, he was accepted into the school's Gifted program. Daddy and I were very excited and very proud of him. From a very young age, we knew he was pretty smart. He always thought outside the box.

Then later in the month, he was chosen as his class' Citizen of the Month. Each month the school focuses on a special trait. For each class in each grade level, one student is chosen who exemplifies that trait. The month's trait was compassion. In fact, just a week before the announcement, Big M's teacher said that everyone likes him because he is always nice. As a Citizens of the Month, the school provides a special breakfast to honor the students. The Rotary Club gives each student a special coin. I missed the breakfast, though because it's a day that the girls' weren't in school.

As you can imagine, Daddy and I were beaming. We must have done something right. Right?

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