Saturday, March 26, 2011

toothy grin

The weaning process has begun! He is definitely allergic to milk so we've gone straight to soy milk. It took a sip everyday from a cop to get him used to it and now he is. He doesn't drink much, only a couple of ounces total for a day. He holds his cup but do not tilt his head so we must hold it for him (even his sisters and brother).

His first 2 teeth finally came in at 10 months. The pictures above are only a week and half old. Today his upper teeth are very swollen with teeth just waiting to come out. There are 2 peaks already.

Little M is great at self-feeding! He likes cheerios, Gerber stars, bread, rice, carrots, meat sticks. I must admit that at this age, J and K only ate baby food when we go out, so I am actually not doing so well in this department. I've been buying baby food for the sake of convenience. I want to get him to self-feed because if his sisters were any indication, he would be a great eater as he gets older because of it.

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