Wednesday, March 30, 2011

off to the botanical garden

We finally had our first outing here in TX during the spring break. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the beautiful flowers and fairy castles. K, J and Little M also had their first bus ride. There were so many people at the botanical garden we had to park 4 blocks away and had to be shuttled in.
It was a little windy.

The sun came out so everyone put on their squinty face. Little M loves the feel of the grass in his hands.
(K in pink, J in yellow)

J & K in the Little Mermaid's castle.
The do love each other...sometimes.

In Alladin's Castle.
Beauty & The Beast's Castle
Being silly.

As we were about to leave, Big M found a butterfly struggling in a bird's mouth. He chased the birds away  and the bird dropped the injured butterfly. The butterfly's wings were so damaged it couldn't fly anymore. Big M took it and set it down on the grass to talk and comfort it.

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