Thursday, March 24, 2011

my daughters

A couple of weeks ago a little girl in the K and J's Sunday class wasn't having a great day. His dad tried his hardest to make her stop moping and participate in class, but the girl wouldn't have it. She put both her hands over her face and sobbed quietly. Her dad finally stopped hovering and went to the back of the class room, probably thinking that she might quiet down that way. She didn't.

I positioned myself between my girls and the crying girl and hunched over. I talked to her quietly to get her to stop crying. I tried on and off, but she wouldn't quiet down for me either.

K saw what I was doing and she looked at me. With a look that said I was silly, she said, "Mommy, she's not your daughter!" "That's Ok. I was just trying to help her not be sad."

"You're silly, Mommy!" K said.

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