Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday was also our 16th wedding anniversary. Kudos to me and my best friend. It hasn't been easy for our family, but we always pull through. We are truly partners!!

Hubby worked from home yesterday which allowed us a great lunch date out (with our littlest monkey). We did some shopping and then he bought me charms for my pandora bracelet. I almost shocked him into buying me an expensive watch but my pragmatic self won out so no watch. Apparently, he was thinking o himself that if I made him buy a watch, that there should be an iPad in it for him. Aah the love.

There is no night out in it for us. That's what happens when there are 4 monkeys in the family. Even our milestone 15th anniversary was celebrated with a lunch last year (we stopped by North Carolina enroute to NY from TX). During our anniversary in the future, I want us to go away for the weekend without kids. Someday.

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