Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stubborn Monkeys logo and Crafty Moms R US giveaway!

A couple of evenings ago, I told my husband that we need to come up with a company logo for our business. He drew some things on paper which I really love, the problem was how to get it on the computer. While he was at work, I started researching online and fiddling with photoshop. It was great, I like it, but it was missing monkeys. Last night after an hour or and more fiddling, hubby and I finally got it! So here it is. 

I also made a watermark version, which is necessary for original work. My husband is very artistic and we often collaborate on designs that I want, namely, our Me Monster. This is original artwork and is something I want to keep making.

Incidentally, if you want to win this particular ME MONSTER from Stubborn Monkeys, head over to  Crafty Moms R Us for a VERY BIG GIVEAWAY! and I mean, HUGE! It is running now through Feb 25th.

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