Friday, February 8, 2013

the super bowl is providing a new obsession

I let Big M watch the Super Bowl. I thought with Daddy being away, it would be just a good family time. It turned out the girls were excited about it too. The whole school did football related activities so they were quite pumped. 

We have never watched football before so it took a little bit of figuring out who to root for, though we decided to root for the Ravens being in the east coast and all. Big M was fascinated. I only let him stay up until the half-time though. He left specific instructions for me to find out the final score.

Early in the morning, he heard on the radio the news about who won. Darn public radio for news! We have our radio set to classical music day in and day out for the kids to go sleep to, but there is that darn news. Big M loudly cheered, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, Raven win!"

Fast forward to days later and we find ourselves in the library with Big M checking out a few football books.

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