Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Mr Trouble Maker

Little M has been doing a whole lot of trouble making lately. He has been going up and down the stairs for one. Not having a gate blocking the stairs, it's hard to keep him away from it. But we started relaxing when he really didn't wantto go upstairs when we're all downstairs. Then, he changed his mind. Just when we started to relax, he would sneak upstairs. He is pretty much an expert about going up, by his approach to the stairs when we're in the second floor frequently gives our heart a jump start. And of course he wants to go down facing forward. No amount of turning him backwards could get him to go down safely.

He also loves to run. He is always running from one room to the other. Sometimes his upper body gets ahead of his legs and he ends up face first know the floor but he just picks himself back up without even crying and he runs again.

He climbs up on the kitchen chair and then climbs on the table. Sometimes he does his when he sees something interesting but now he climbs up to FIND something interesting.

He opens doors. It doesn't help that our doors have lever handles. His room and his big brother's is a Jack and Jill room and it makes it difficult to keel him away from the bathroom because the door to the sink area has no lock.

Little M prefers me to put him to bed so it makes Daddy a little jealous. We have long realized that all the kids were pretty much Mama's up until 3 years old when they become all about Daddy. But Daddy feels a little sad when the little booger refuses to give him a hug at bedtime.

But with all his mischievousness, Little M is quite the charmer when he wants to. He loves it when he makes us laugh and he is a smart little monkey.

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