Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet and sassy girls

With the 3-digit temperature day in and day out, my girls' hair was just getting too long. I also wanted them to look slightly different.
I really wanted to go a lot shorter but I realized that having dance recital in the spring, they would need their hair in a bun. With this cut, their hair would have enough time to grow by then.
We went to Sweet & Sassy where they had a shampoo and cut. They also put glitter on their hair and stamped glitter stars on their faces. They loved it. I wanted for them to have a mania and pedi but it didn't work with the time.

One last goodbye to K's long hair.

She was so stiff with her shoulders and neck that the hairdresser had a little bit of a tough time with her.

K's new look. The back is very short and rounded and it gets longer towards the front.

J looks like she could be 7 years old.

She was relaxed and just watched her long hair fall to the floor.

J's hair is one length all around, but the front just tapers off slightly just to frame her face.

I think the short hair makes them look their age.

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