Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little M's first time in his own room

During the week of the 4th of July, after family left, we went ahead and moved Little M to his own room. Note that the room has some girly murals that were done by the previous owner of the house. We decided to leave it as it is and only paint the room when Little M is a bit older.

Little M loved the fact that he could run around, but didn't like the fact that he couldn't leave the room when he wanted to. After a day, he also figured out how to expertly open the doors (no thanks to the lever-kind door knobs we have). The room provides a great place for him to play and not get into his big brother's Lego or his sisters little toys. It also allows me to take a nap (on the inflatable on the floor) when he doesn't want to. The problem with this is he gets to do doing naughty things like stick his fingers up my nostrils or tap my forehead over and over again. 

The great thing is that it only took him one night to adjust. He now sleeps through the night. Halleluiah!

Oh yeah, on another day I tried to catch up on sleep in his room I saw this when I opened my eyes. My 15-month old baby using a chair to open the door so he could escape. We are wondering how long it'll take him before he figures out to move the chair out of the way.

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