Saturday, July 9, 2011

family came to visit

Hubby's parents and 3 nephews came to stay with us for a week over the 4th of July holiday. The kids were very excited. Big M remembers his cousins and is very excited about being able to see them again. The girls don't remember their cousins but they were very excited to see their Nana and Papaw.

After a night's rest, we started their next day to a local city pool. There were slides for bigger kids and a huge area for the little ones. The pool was only 3.5ft deep so it was manageable for the girls and Big M. There was a water structure area for Little M that he also enjoyed. We spent a total of 4 hours there. It was over 100 degrees.

After everyone got settled back home, we saw noticed Little M's tan line. If you look from the distance you can see a clear straight line right above his elbows. I always said that once our kids tan there was no going back. Now he will be caramel colored. I applied sunblock on the kids 4 times while we were at the pool and it paid off. None of the kids go sunburn. The adults were another story. I got sunburn on the my back and on my scalp of all places. I had a part on my hair where the sun beat down on. I didn't notice the burn until I got in the shower. Ouch!  Daddy also got a sunburn on his head even though he put sunscreen on his, um, bare spot. But I think he only thought of it after already spending an hour on the sun.

I have no picture of this day, but I must mention about the girls. Both girls wore a vest provided by the facility. As soon as K got in the water, she swam by herself. I was pleasantly surprised since not 3 weeks ago she was holding on to either Daddy or me for dear life. Then she started jumping in the water and splashing everyone over and over again. J was not so confident. She held on to someone the entire time. Papaw got her to jump to him but she always called him back to her closer before she jumped.

The next day we spent another four hours at another water park. This time, Big M was very confident on the water. There was a knee-deep area for little ones but he just kept on walking until the water got up to his chin. Thanks to his Nana and Papaw for keeping an eye on him so that I could enjoy the non-kiddie parts of the water park with Big M.

Enjoying a juice break.

Big M enjoyed the little kid area, too. 

Everyone taking a break from the sun. Yes, this is how Daddy wants to be immortalized on the internet - picking his nose.

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