Monday, August 1, 2011

I have a business-minded kid

I HAD to take Big M to this clown show because the first time we tried to attend the same show at the public library we were turned away because the place was already full.

This was at the mall, and an hour before the show the place was already filled. I let Big M sit on the floor in front of the stage area and Little M and I just stayed on the perimeter. Right before the shoe started, the host called the kids for a scavenger hunt - for a family pack ticket to the Barnum & Bailey circus. One of the things the kids had to bring to the host was a man or a boy's sneaker. I could see that Big M wasn't participating so imagine my surprise when I saw someone waving a shoe just like his in the air. At first I thought it couldn't be his, but then again how many of these kids wore Star Wars shoes? Then as I tiptoed to see where he was to check whether he still had his shoes on, I saw another kid waiving the foot of a Star Wars shoe!

Finally I found his spot and yelled out his name. I mouthed out "Where are your shoes?" He shrugged his shoulder I don't know. Oh great. At that point I started thinking of ways how to get him through the parking lot bare footed in this 100+ degree weather. Finally when the scavenger hunt was over, I saw him putting his shoes back on. He then waved a hand waving a quarter. His smile was huge. How very enterprising of my son.

As we were about to leave, he won a voucher for a free ticket. Lucky boy.

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