Saturday, August 20, 2011

More wood carvings

I had an idea of having our Christmas tree this year be filled with only our own wood carvings. Daddy thought it was a great idea, so with that he bought more wood carving magazines (to get patterns) and bought more knives.

A little discouraged from my failed attempt at a snow man, I set out to carve a Santa. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty well. I think my previous failure may have been due to the wood. It was too hard making it painfully slow to see any progress. I picked it up to work on it again after finishing my Santa, but finally put it down. I can't get anywhere with it so I chucked it away. Daddy said he may have bought crappy wood from Hobby Lobby.

I have already finished 2 of these Santa. I thought it may be easier the second time, but how wrong I was. It's like carving something new all over again. But like some of the wood carver blogs I've found, they say carving only gets better the more you practice. Hopefully it'll get easier too because I find the magic of 3D images pretty hard to get a firm grasp on.

I am waiting to paint my Santas until I have a few. This is only 4-5 inches tall.

Daddy carved this cool wizard. He would love to carve wizards, and thankfully they can be turned into Santa easily enough. This creation is about 8 inches tall.

On another note, Big M has seen us carve enough times that he is actually interested in trying it. Daddy and I both carved him a knife for carving soap. I bought a couple of kinds of soap at the dollar store for Big M to carve. Today he had a chance to do try while the girls and I did a little shopping. Daddy said he was carving away when he suddenly stopped, unable to stomach the soap smell any longer. I think I may have to buy unscented soap if Big M is going to try this again. Daddy had him started in carving a boat.

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