Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random toddler shenanigans

Little M is now 16 months! He routinely climbs up and down the stairs on his own, climbs on the kitchen chairs to climb onto the table, peels the keys off the keyboard, and provides all of us (especially his sisters) with endless amusement. When I tell him "Let's go!" he runs to the door, when I ask him where his sippy is he starts looking under the couches, and when I say "Let's change diaper!" he runs to our bedroom.

He says "nigh-nigh", "teechoo" (for thank you), "all" (ball), "ook" (look), "bye-bye", and he imitates many other words.

He will be going to a Mother's Day Out program once a week starting next week, so that I can finally schedule doctor appointments (I would probably get chewed out by the dentist) and other errands. He will be going from 9am - 2pm. Yeah, he's my fourth child and I've gone through a heck of a lot of things, but I will more than likely be beside myself with anxiety the first day he isn't with me though. So perhaps it would be wise not to expect that I could do so many things that first day.

Wearing Daddy's shoe.

After eating one (yeah, only one) Graham cracker.

He just loves the game controls!

Riot police.

Little boy table! He did fall off the chair a few times being too wiggly.

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