Monday, August 1, 2011

Playdate at a pizza place

K, J, Little M and I met some mom friends and their kiddos fro lunch one day. It was at a Pizza buffet place with a arcade play area. I almost didn't go because handling these 3 in a place like that by myself could potentially become a nightmare. But we did go. It wasn't cheap, but thankfully Mommies eat free that day, and Little M was also free. Good thing too because we barely ate.

I walked around with Little M, while the other 2 went in different directions. I could've freaked out like most moms with only 1 child, but I didn't. I kept the game cards so they kept coming back to me. And thankfully I never reached that amount of time when I glanced around and couldn't see them. But what it did mean is that we barely socialized with anyone else. Turning my head in so many directions several times a minute is not a task compatible with the ability to chat with other Mommies.

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