Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crazy mornings

Our time in the bus stop is usually filled with crazy energy with backpack-tugging, shoe-stepping and running around kids. I have instituted a hands-to-yourselves rule but no one listens. I td them they had to stay in one square of the side-walk and still no one listens. I have to reserve most of my attention to the 2-yr old so he doesn't run into the street, which he seems to understand is very dangerous. Thank God.

There are 2 other boys (3rd graders) in our bus stop and we amuse their parents. The girls and Little M takes to the dad. Sometimes Little M asks, "where's mah dad?" when we arrive at the stop first. One would think he doesn't have a dad at home he liked to tackle on a daily basis. The girl are also touchy with this man (holding his hand and tugging on it). I had to give them a talking to about not touching strangers. But I guess I need to change that term as we are seeing him everyday.

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