Thursday, September 6, 2012

the rest of the first day of school

After waiting over 30 minutes at the bus stop, the kids finally arrived.

From Big M:
He said the principal went in their bus to collect the Kindergarten children in order to walk to their teachers awaiting them in the front lawn of the school. However, both K and J said they were older kids and didn't go with the principal.

He also said that he was so mad at J because when he came in the school bus as the end of the day, he didn't her right away but saw K. So he was beside himself with worry that J was not in the bus. He then saw J later on the ride home (I guess maybe she was slouching and couldn't be seen above the seats).  I told him that though Daddy and I were both proud of him for worrying about his sister, he shouldn't have worried by himself and should have told the bus driver about his worry.

Big me also said, "K has a boyfriend! .... well, not a boyfriend, just a friend who is a boy." This tattle-tailing earned him a glare from K.

From K:
She said she had fun, and answered that she didn't miss J when I asked if she did.

From J:
She didn't come with her lunch box, nor her water bottle because she placed them in the wrong bin. She also said she was put in time-out at recess. I asked her what for, and she said it was because she made a face to boy repeatedly when she saw the boy being mean to another girl.

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