Wednesday, September 26, 2012

school picnic

Last week we attended our school's fall family picnic. There were hotdogs and hamburgers, and families were assigned to bring either a dessert or side dish to share. This was our first school picnic with 3 students. We had no idea what to expect. Big M was the first to ask to go with his friends, and I tried desperately to hold on to K and J so that we could be in line for the food. Daddy had to go back to the car with Little M to grab our picnic blanket. It was chaotic for me to keep track of everyone. 

Finally Daddy came, we made them eat really quick and then the 3 disappeared. Daddy said it was fine, we were in school grounds and it's normal for them to want to be with their friends. For the most part it was great. Kids running around, there was a DJ trying to get the moms and dads to join the hoolahoop contest (Daddy and I were terrible) and just kids being kids. We had fun. 

The key to watching 4 kids to to be in a location where you're close to one, but can see where the others are that you're not closed to. There was a moment when K came to me crying saying she couldn't find me anywhere, though she did go to where we had our blanket (good girl!).

We helped clean out the dessert table. :)

We were in the dessert detail so I made my oh-so-yummy chocolate chip banana bread (individually wrapped). I only gave the kids a tiny piece to share so they raided it at the picnic and got their fill.

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