Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm a soccer mom, ballet mom, busy mom

Little M pretty much attacks his sisters and brother when they come home from school. He misses them a lot and now starts to demand that I sit with him during the day.

Big M lost a tooth this weekend via the twist and pull method. He was watching TV in our room when he absent-midedly pulled his tooth off. He was happy about the tooth fairy visiting again, until he saw blood and started freaking out. I was out on an errand at the time, and I get an upset phone call from him saying his Daddy just smacked him and knocked a tooth out. Silly kid. He was very convincing too.

Also last week, fall soccer season began. Big M (red shirt black socks) is in a different team that last season because we signed him up at the last minute.  I wanted him to focus on Junior Academy and not both that and the recreational soccer. Apparently, the two do not coincide so here he is. Junior Academy (more competitive soccer) doesn't start until late fall.

Today, J and K are back in dance class (K is in the foreground, J is the last one). Miss J impressed me when the teacher called out ballet terms and tap terms and she knew what they were. Here I thought that she never paid attention in class last year back in Texas. She is proving me wrong. 

I think we may have to change days, as this is just too early for Daddy to be home. He needed to be home today because Little M is sick and I just can't drag him with me. Poor thing. Though I don't know how a class later in the day would work out. Both K and J just about had a melt down towards the end of class because they were tired and getting sleepy. Hopefully in a couple of weeks they will be well adjusted to the activities and Kindergarten.

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