Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have a night out and I'm paying for it.

It's against the laws of nature for a mom to go out without her husband and without any kids! Why else am I suffering today? Last night I joined a few other moms for a mom's night out in Dallas. We spent hours eating at The Cheesecake Factory and talked and laughed and talked. But of course a mom's night out is not as easy as getting dressed and leaving the kids behind with their Daddy. Oh no. My day began mid afternoon by cleaning up the kitchen and cooking dinner. And while the boys are somewhat occupied, I snuck out and got a quick shower so I didn't stink like Salmon. I mean, there's nothing like making friends when you stink like fish. Then I had to pick up the girls slightly early from summer camp so I could give them their baths before dinner. Incidentally, I got to sweat all over again giving them baths. But I guess sweat is better than fish. Right?
So then it's dinner time and I squeezed in a phone call to make sure hubby comes home in time for me to go.  Thankfully he came home with enough time for me to change and freshen up before I headed out.

So the other moms and I talked, ate, giggled, guffawed, snorted and then it was 10pm and we all run for the our cars because God knows what kind of mess the Dads made of our house.

I get home to a sleeping house, except baby was not sleeping. He was awake and wanted to play. I gave him Tylenol since he had been teething and in pain the past few nights. It helped him not be cranky, but it didn't make him sleep. Do they make Tylenol PM for toddlers? Gotta look that up. So now it was past midnight and the baby was crawling around me and was starting to cry. Another hour or so and I was going mad. Sleep, for the love of everything holy. Sleep!!! So another hour and baby was quiet. I moved his leg that was resting on my arm and he woke up. ARGH! Now I'm thinking I should have ordered wine instead of Coke at dinner.

So that's it. I had fun last night and now I'm being punished. How dare a stay-at-home-mother leave her den without anyone attached to her? Oh, and get this. While I was going mad in the middle of the night, a loud storm and bright lightening started booming. Yeah, I get it. I should have just stayed home.

Oh, I just love my kids.

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