Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wow, this is actually getting easier.

I took the girls and Little M to an indoor safari play place last week. I didn't know how it would go with me shaving to watch 3 but it wasn't that bad. Of course this meant that I didn't know where the girls were at every minute. Some parents would freak out if they can't see their 4 year old every minute in a public place,  and I do too but I fight the urge. Because if I don't, we would never leave the house. Thankfully, K hung around Little M and I. And when it had been too long since I knew where J was, I asked K to help me look for her.

Little M had a log of fun. His sisters give him confidence to try something most toddlers his age wouldn't try.

After playing, we met up with Daddy to eat lunch.

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