Saturday, June 11, 2011

School is out!

With school being over comes the new crazy schedule. Big M goes to the girls' school on MWF and the girls go TTh. This wasn't planned but when the girls were advanced to another class when they turned 4, the swim days for the class is TTh. They would not get to swim at all for the summer if they kept their MWF schedule.
Our first outing while Big M was in summer camp was just to the park. With the weather being in the high 90s the only time to go to the park is really early.

Having a snack and a drink before they pass out from the humidity.

K picked a flower to give to Daddy. But of course it wilted before Daddy came home. She was very upset.

Little M doing his own thing.

Little M enjoys the swing with K pushing him. Getting pushed by J results in whiplash.

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