Sunday, June 19, 2011

summer is a drag!

Our summer schedule is exhausting! Big M go to summer camp MWF and the girls go TTh. This means I don't get to be by myself (or rather, Little M and I don't get to be by ourselves), unlike when school was in session. When there was school, baby and I were alone on MWF when the girls go to school on those days and of course Big M is in kindergarten everyday. On Mondays I clean the house from the weekend mayhem. I vacuum the kids' rooms, the living room, the kitchen and change bedsheets. When I don't have time to do all, I do them sometime on Wednesday or Friday. I don't clean everything, but I do get to what needs to be done some time and then I get to be in peace by myself when Baby M takes his naps.

This summer I either have 2 kids, or 3 kids depending on the day, which means I am constantly answering someone's request: I want juice, I want this, I want that, or I'm done (from pottying)! My kids are highly independent and self-sufficient but there are still never-ending requests! And I can't find the time to do any cleaning because when I do find a quiet time, I'm exhausted. I am also trying to get the kids out because it is summer after-all. It's just highly frustrating to leave a cluttered house and then come back to a cluttered house. ARGH!

I love my kids, but I need time alone!!!

But with parenting, there is the 90% of the time when I want to pull my hair out, poke my eyes out and stuff pencils in my ears, but there is that 10% where everything is awesome and we all get along. Without that 10% I would be in a mental institution.

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