Friday, June 3, 2011

Some backyard fun and random pictures

The girls, Little M and I played in the backyard for a bit after taking Big M to school. We bounced a beach ball around and then K and J helped Little M play with the basketball.

K helping Little M with the ball, or taking it away from him. I can't tell.

K guarding Little M.

J's 2nd boo boo on the exact same spot! She went nose first on the wood chips in the playground at school.

Playing water gun in the front yard. The front yard is nice and shady in the afternoon, which makes it perfect to play in even in the hot weather. It's really like a second backyard.

My carpet Lillies are finally blooming!

My little apricot rose. Love the color!

J is behind her paper doll fashion show.

K's fashion show is all about dresses, but she ran out of glamorous dresses with the third doll.

Big M showing his 2 front teeth that are about to fall out. They're pointing straight out!

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