Friday, March 23, 2012

an after dinner activity

It has been uncharacteristically warm here in upstate NY (so we're told) with highs in the upper 70s in the past week. While we discovered that our walls are pretty good at keeping the cold out, unlike our house in Texas, it also meant that it was pretty good at keeping the heat in. It has been too hot at night for us, that I had to run out to the stores in search of fans. But because it is unseasonably warm, the stores did not yet have fans in stock. I searched and searched before I found them at Lowes. The clerks didn't even know they had them in yet, but I found them still in boxes. I had to call someone to open them for me. Thankfully it is dipping back down this weekend, so much so that we need to start wearing coats again.

But because it's been warm, we decided to visit our local park after dinner one day. It's a beautiful park and it's less than 5 minutes away.

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