Thursday, March 8, 2012

how is it possible that there's nothing to eat after just having bought groceries?

It happens once in a while I buy groceries and then the next day we have to go get fast food because there's nothing to eat? I just bought $300 worth and hopefully this time around we'll be fed for at least 3 days. This is the first time I've been able to really plan and buy. Actually I planned about 3 dinners and bought the ingredients so we should be well fed. That is, if the picky people eat what I cook.

There are several kinds of picky in our house; the absolutely no veggies/bland food people, the some veggies/rice people, and the eat pretty much everything people. Daddy and Big M belong to the first category. We (me and hubby) freely admit that part of Big M's pickiness stemmed from an overbearing first-time mom. The girls belong to the veggies and everything with rice category. They only eat certain veggies and only when the mood is right. But pair most foods with rice and they are good and happy. Little M and I are the two who eat everything and would rather starve than eat very bland food. I crave meat with vegetables, and of course rice. And apparently, my littlest guy is the same. When I cook something that has no veggies, I have to steam something. I call it odd (in a good sense) that he actually picks out vegetables and eat them first. Last week he got too full after junk food snacks to eat his dinner, but with vegetables, he has room. He eats sugar snap peas, carrots, green beans, brocolli (stems only) and many other green stuff.

Of course the picky people make it hard for me to prepare food. Oh, but I love them. More so if they all eat what I cook. And when they don't drive me crazy.

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