Thursday, March 22, 2012

pre-k and parent-teacher conference

At 9pm Sunday night, K threw up in bed. This 8 days after J had her episode.We truly thought we escaped with only one casualty. I slept (no, I didn't really sleep) in her bedroom to help her out. Thankfully she only had a second episode but that was it.She didn't eat at all the next day, but she was perfectly normal. On Tuesday she and J went to their new preschool.

Their first day was great, except they wanted "kids their size". The pre-k is combined with the 3-4yr olds because there are not many. I think there is only one other pre-k in addition to K and J. But they did have fun. When they came home they were very happy that there was one other kid that was their size.

On the same day, Daddy and I had a conference with Big M's teacher. His teacher had great things to say about him. She said Big M has done such a great job of fitting in, and that she is amazed when she realizes that he has only been in her class for 3 weeks. Kudos to Big M for being such a super friendly, super social kid!

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