Sunday, March 18, 2012

how to get homemade slime out of your child's hair

I found a recipe for homemade slime last week and so this weekend we tried it for the first time. The older kids had tons of fun with it. It was relatively mess free and it's more amusing than playdoh. Big M was discovering all the great things he could do with it, including put it on his head. I admit this may have been my fault when I placed a glob on my face and pretended my face was melting.

They were playing by themselves when Big M called out. That was when we saw the mess on his hair. What were we to do? Well, first I grabbed my camera then I went to work. On the back of my mind I was thinking if all else failed we would need to cut his hair. But thankfully, I discovered that instead of pulling the globs it was easier to stick it to itself (without letting it stretch).

With a fairly big glob on my hand, I started smacking it on Big M's head (lovingly, of course). I stuck the whole thing on the hair and pulled the whole piece as a whole and it slid off the hair. The important thing is to pull slowly without letting it stretch. With the left over little pieces, just keep on sticking a whole glob on and pull off.

Big M was upset that I he saw I was about to post this picture on Facebook because he said I was making fun of him. I told him that when he gets older and have his own kids, he will understand that it is his birthright to be able to make fun of his offspring. I don't think he went with that so I said I was posting it so that other kids who might find themselves in the same situation will know what to do without having their hair cut off.

Done. That's all I'm saying.

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