Thursday, March 29, 2012

growing crystals from a kit

I took Big M with me to an errand to Michael's and he wanted me to buy a crystal-growing kit. With Daddy's help, they set it up and after 4 days the crystals did not grow as big as the box said it would. What a disappointment for children. With the disappointment, we researched into growing our very own at home and so Big M is once again excited. Daddy is excited to be doing something with his boy that is his expertise.

This morning Big M took some of his crystals in a bag and planned to show them to the school bus ladies and his 1st grade class. The ladies from the school bus have been asking him for days if his crystals had grown. The boy is truly a talker, just like his Daddy. But I am glad, since the one time he read a book in the bus, he came home with sick bag. So after that, I told him the only thing he could do was to talk, talk, and talk. The school bus ladies I'm sure would like that better.

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