Monday, March 12, 2012

my little hermits

For the past week, I leave the 3 younger kids at home while I take/get Big M from the school bus stop. I leave Little M in the playpen while the girls are watching on TV. The bus stop is very close that I don't even need to leave the garage until I see the bus come around.

But today, the weather has been the warmest since we've moved here so I told them they must come out with me. Only I was met with some shocking reaction. J started crying and demanding that she be left alone in the house. K was a little less dramatic but wanted the same thing. Pretty shocking for kids who have been cooped up indoors.

We drive each other crazy, I don't get as much unpacking done, and the lack of activity is making them cranky and driving me nuts. It is time to look into a new preschool!

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