Wednesday, March 7, 2012

chopped meat

I got a call yesterday from a New York area code. Since we now live in NY, that shouldn't surprise me but having been here only a couple of weeks I am not expecting any local calls. The woman identified herself as the school nurse and instantly in my head I am bracing myself for a very bad news. Big M was at gym class when he was told to take his shoes off and to leave only his socks. Immediately thereafter, he slipped and landed on his teeth/lips. Of course the nurse didn't know the details at the time, so all she told me was that they were doing some gymnastics when he fell from a low height. She said he was bloody but fine and that she could him with her to keep an eye on him.

About an hour later the nurse called again and said Big M was still bleeding that it would be best to pick him up. So I called Daddy, and Daddy picked him up while I look for a dentist and trying to not to lose my mind panicking.

To make the long story short, the top left and the tooth right next to it are now very lose. The dentist x-rayed him and said there should be no damage to the root of the permanent teeth. Big M is very sore but he will be fine. According to Daddy, he was told to beg the dentist to pull the 2 teeth out so that he could get money from the tooth fairy. Yeah, by this time Daddy wanted to take him back to school.

The boy is turning 7 years old this weekend and I can't help but be reminded of the few days before his first birthday when he fell from a toy chest and busted his lip and earned him his first trip to the ER. I guess I should count ourselves lucky since he has made it this long without going back to the ER.

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