Saturday, March 3, 2012

out shoe shopping

Unlike the girls and adults in the family, Big M has only exactly 2 pairs of shoes. He has a tennis shoes and snow boots. For school, it isn't working out so much. He wore his tennis shoes one day after it had rained and he said water seeped through to his socks at recess. So then I told made him bring his snow boots and tennis shoes to school, but he is not adept yet at tying his laces that he kept his snow boots on. The boots were not the best thing indoors because they were too warm. He also was not allowed to play in the snow because only kids with snow pants were allowed to.

Today I took Big M to go shoe shopping and decided to get him a waterproof hiking boots. It will keep his feet warm and dry for the still cool and yet to come wet weather. The problem is that we are almost into spring and these snow boots were no longer in stock so we went to store after store after store. Finally we found one. Hopefully between snow boots, hiking boots and tennis shoes he is all covered. I'm not going to bother getting snow pants now of course though.

Next year I will be ready for the winter - 3 snow pants and 3 snow boots.

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