Friday, March 16, 2012

away, evil germs!

With all the registration papers filled out, crib sheets and nap blankets all set to go for a start at a new preschool on Tuesday, we had to cancel because we were visited by evil germs. On Monday at about midnight, J called out saying her stomach hurts. I told her to go to the bathroom to go get a drink of water and go back to bed. Half an hour later I hear her scream that she had just thrown up. I tried to give her a bath and clean up her bed at the same time without waking Daddy up, but it wasn't possible. So I did wake him up and put him on bath duty. The man was gagging the entire time. I thought I would have to clean up after two pukers. Thank goodness he didn't.

An hour and a half later we're all back in our beds, but moments later I hear J vomiting again. So I set up a cot in the girls' room and slept there. Every hour or so, poor little Miss J vomited. So there was no sleep for either of us. Even K didn't sleep with all the excitement.

Fortunately by morning, J has stopped. She had a mild fever during the day but that was it. Today is Friday and noone else has been struck by the evil germs. Daddy and I were bracing for this bug to decimate our family, reminiscent of Christmas 2007. It also reminded us of our 2009 summer in NC when both K and J battled some sort of bug for weeks at a time for a period of 2 months. Thankfully this one doesn't seem to be any of the sort. Or did I just now jinxed my family? Oh, please. Stay away stomach bug!

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