Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bluebonnet pictures

Bluebonnet is Texas' state flower an it is apparently a big Texas thing for families to take pictures in a bluebonnet field. So wherever there is a large area of Bluebonnets, you will see families scattered about taking pictures. So one day, I took the kids to one after soccer and discovered what the hooha is. They are beautiful and they are fragrant. So with some friends, we met and took pictures of each other. Unfortunately, from the time I saw the field for the first time, and 2 weeks later when we took our pictures, the flowers were not so blue and were not so perky. So note to self, next year plan on taking pictures as soon as they're in bloom. So here are some pictures. Thank you to some great new friends! Otherwise, I would be missing from the picture. :)

The pictures were great considering the fact that it's hard to get 4 young kids to look in the camera at once. Also, we had to take pictures fast and didn't have time to consider the background and other things. So I decided to fiddle with Photoshop. It took hours, but the pictures look better. I was figuring things out as I was doing them, but I think the pictures are better.

I removed the building from the background, removed K's tattoo and enhanced the color. (K is in pink.)

Building removed, tattoo removed, Daddy's teeth whitened just a tad. :)

M removed from the background, building removed and the other people removed. Also added some flowers to cover our legs.

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