Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome to my store

So I have a store, but unlike typical stores it doesn't earn a profit. Several weeks ago I stumbled on a mom blog about using a ticket system to get some help in keeping the house clean. I loved it and implemented it. The kids have their own glass jar to keep their tickets in and 2 days a week they can use the tickets to buy whatever they could afford.

On the first day I let the girls buy immediately so that they get the idea. They were able to get a candy. J had a hard time. She kept asking for something even if she couldn't afford it. It was tough. A couple of days later she did finally understood it.

The system was pretty successful though it was obvious that my merchandise were priced way too low. I had to do some tweaking daily. But now they are not so motivated to clean anymore. Once in a while the girls remember they want something from my store so they go on a cleaning frenzy. I guess I should still consider that a success though, shouldn't I?

Now when I go to the store I am on the lookout for cheap toys so that there are always something new. Though Daddy doesn't quite understand the meaning of cheap. He bought a bunch of $5 Legos. Big M drooled over them and asked that I not let his sisters buy any of them. I told him that everyone could buy whatever they could afford so he then went on a personal campaign of telling his sisters (one at a time) that they DID NOT want the Legos. It must have worked because they hadn't asked for them.

J and K were for the most part only interested in the gum. For 2 tickets each for one stick of Doublemint gum they see it as a bargain, especially since this is the first time they've both been allowed to eat gum. They also liked the lip gloss. I bet they'll be cleaning for days if I put kid make-up in there.

So what do they need to do to earn tickets? I have a specific list of chores and how many tickets they earn: putting their own plates in the sink earn 2 tickets, putting toys away get 1 ticket, putting their own seat belt immediately after getting in the car earn 2, etc.

The system doesn't work as I would like but I consider the system successful. We buy them toys (especially for Big M) when we go to the store before, and sometimes it results in a tantrum when we refuse. At least now the store is no longer associated with goodies. The toy-buying is also now more spaced out and now associated with hard work. Not bad, huh?

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