Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindness Jar and Water Fight

The Easter Bunny do not visit our house. He's not such a big thing, unlike Santa. But we do love egg hunts and some presents because it is a special day after all. In fact, it's so special the kids get to start eating candy again after giving it up for Lent. As family, we decided that we would not eat candy. Instead we have a "Kindness Jar" that we fill up every time someone does something kind. After a week, K figured out that if she could at least put one Jelly Bean in when she says I love you to someone. Smart cookie. For Easter we finally get to eat all the candy we saved up and divided them equally. So it's a very special day indeed!

As an extra present, everyone got water balloon also and they were excited to try them out. Both J and K didn't want to get wet but after some explaining, K at least tolerated some wetness. J refused to get wet, but I think it's partly because she didn't feel well.

J is the one wearing a pair of shorts only, and it's Big M's pants at that. :)

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