Thursday, April 7, 2011

lovin' soccer

Big M is the one with the ball wearing a hoodie.

We have a pretty busy 6 year old! Big M is currently in soccer and Drama Kids. Drama is after schools on Wednesdays, then 2 hours later he goes to a Jr Soccer Academy where he works on skills (no games). Then on Thursdays he has a soccer practice with the city soccer association, and games on Saturday. There is also a skills class on Saturdays but we don't get to go on that one when it conflicts with the game. He played his first soccer game when he was 3 years old, and hoped he would like it. And like it, he does. He is also actually pretty good. During games when the players are rotated, he sometimes refuses to rest. And when he has had enough rest, he goes out to the field and demands to play.

On the first game, he was a clear favorite as a defense. He anticipates where the ball is going and runs ahead. Though the team got creamed on the first game, Big M did block several goals. But though he is great as a defensive player, Daddy and I have seen what he can do as an offensive player, so we try to encourage hi to just "go for the it!" and not to give up trying to get the ball. With his brawny stature at 4 foot and some tall, and 52 lbs there is not much the other kids can do when he decides to fight for the ball. He doesn't look big, but he is thick. With the excitement of the first team goals on the 3rd game, a mom was swinging her son around and decided to do the same with Big M. Was she surprised at how heavy he was!

And may I just add that the parents in our team are great also! There was a lot of screaming when the team made the first few goals. You'd think we were winning the game how loud we usually are. I just love it!
The girls also enjoy going to the practice and the game. They love playing with the younger kids. :)

With Big M's exhausting schedule, he doesn't get to play with the neighborhood kids as much lately. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but that's a topic for another day.

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