Sunday, April 24, 2011

Helicopter egg drop

We tried a different kind of Easter Egg hunt yesterday. It's one where a helicopter drops the eggs!  The egg hunt was broken up by age group so I stayed with Big M while I had Little M in a carrier. Daddy was to watch the girls in another side of the field.

It was fun to see the eggs falling from a helicopter!

What wasn't fun was when people do not follow the rules. For ages 5-7, parents were not allowed into the field. But as soon as everyone heard the word, "GO!" everyone ran for it. I stayed behind. But when I couldn't see Big M anymore, I started looking for him. But originally told him to come back to me where I was, I had to go back to my original point hoping and praying we would find each other! Thankfully, the organizers of the even knew there would be kids lost so all the kids wore bracelets with their parents' cell phone number. Thankfully we didn't need to come to that. We found each other! PHEW!

When were all finally reunited, K and J wasn't able to find eggs. Apparently, we had missed the egg hunt for their age group so when all the big kids ran for it, the little ones were just no match. Thankfully, Big M got enough eggs for everyone to trade for candy bags (the eggs were empty).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the interesting start to our day. On the drive over to the egg hunt, Little M threw up all over his car seat. There was so much vomit we had to turn around to clean up. The car seat was a mess. Daddy suggested that Little M and I stay home, but if I did that I knew he would have a hard time with all 3 at the egg hunt. And knowing how it went now, it was a good decision for me to have gone. Besides, we knew Little M wasn't really sick. He has been having asthma problems that when he coughs, it results in vomiting.

Rewind 2 days earlier on Thursday, Big M was ill when I picked him up from school. He was suffering from severe headache and vomited that evening. Also that evening, J came down with fever and headache. J had to stay home on Friday, which was her school's Easter party. K made sure she brought J's goodie bag home.

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