Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Latex allergy?

Yesterday, J woke up with some redness on the inside of one eye. It was red but I didn't worry about it because I saw her rubbing. In the middle of the day I received a call from school letting me know that J's eye has now little raised bumps around it. Five minutes later I get another call that they've discovered one of her ear is red all over with little bumps that is going down her neck and that the back of her ear was oozing.

Daddy gave J Benadryl in the evening and that helped the redness, but we had to think about what could be causing it. J has eczema which oozes when not treated immediately but this is a wider area that is very localized. Daddy did a search on the internet and had an AHA moment. The day before, I bought the girls Disney Princess Barbie dolls and that night J slept with it on her bed. Daddy discovered that night that she was actually resting her face on the doll...the same side of her face that is now inflamed and itchy.

I gave her a bath, changed her sheet and this morning she looked a lot better. I think Daddy is right. She may have reacted to the dolls. Is it Latex? what do these dolls have? J has never reacted like this before, but then again she has never slept with these dolls on her bed before.

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