Thursday, May 19, 2011

butterflies everywhere!

We went to a Butterfly Exhibit at the mall last weekend. There was a big tent set up and all the butterflies were flying everywhere and landing on everyone. We were given cotton buds dipped in Gatorade in order to attract the butterflies, but really they liked everyone anyway without it.

J wanted to see one on her cotton bud, but not on her. When butterflies kept landing on her head, and anywhere on her, the experience got old really quick. I don't have a picture of K because she was done after 10 minutes.

Enjoying the butterly on his collar. 

M and his friend had a blast. They both love butterflies.

My very "special" husband.

Little M was fascinated by the butterflies but Daddy had to hold him back because he wanted to grab all of them. Poor butterflies.

Holding Little M back.

Big M sports a new hair accessory.

A new body jewelry?

At one point he had butterflies on ALL his fingers. I think he squeezed the Gatorade cotton buds onto his hands.

Little M is contemplating how best to grab the butterfly.

The butterfly boy.

We brought home a pupa and a Monarch came out 2 days later. Another day later and we released it.

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