Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kindergarten celebration

The Kindergarteners had an end of the year celebration yesterday.  The teachers talked about key points they talked about in the year, the kids sang songs, then we were invited to the classrooms for a special gift - a collection of works over the year. It is a great gift because it made it easy to see the difference the year made in the student's writing. Unsuccessfully fighting back emotions, Ms. Shane thanked everyone. The kids are moving on to 1st grade but as far as she was concerned they will always be "her students".

I got a little emotional too. I can't believe a whole year has passed.  The teachers were great and provided a great 1st year experience for the kids. What an excellent school, too. Tons of parents showed up. The line to get into the school was so long, the program was delayed to allow the parents to see the entire thing. The school faculty make the school great, but I think parents help contribute to the greatness. Involved parents make great students, and great students demand a higher level of performance from their teachers making the school great as a whole.

What an awesome year for Big M.

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