Monday, May 9, 2011

asian festival

We went to an asian festival this weekend (minus Daddy and Little M, because Daddy was sick) with some friends. These little kiddos don't know much about what is to be Filipino so we thought it would be great to take them there. We saw some traditional Filipino dances (as well as other cultural dances) and martial arts demonstrations. J and K called the martial artists Power Rangers. They are heavily into Power Rangers Samurai at the moment.

Big M wanted to buy some traditional chinese Kung Fu shirt, but it was too expensive. It was hot, and the festival is more for adults so they all got bored and wanted to play in the playground. I bought them a tapioca drink which they did not like at all. J drank the fruity drink but she made the weirdest face when she sucked in a tapioca ball and then asked if she could spit it out. Big M didn't mind it, though.

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