Thursday, May 19, 2011


ME: Matty, your behavior report for the week isn't good. We're going to have to take something away. 

MATTHEW: Mommy, I try to have a good day but I get too excited! 

ME: You will have to listen to your teacher even if you are excited. 

MATTHEW: I know what you can do. You buy me a new toy and then you don't have to give it to me for a while.


K: Mommy, can we have a cat? I love cats.

ME: No. Cats pee on the carpet.

K: What about a dog?

ME: No, dogs pee and poo on the carpet.

K: Awww. But I love dogs. Minnie's (Mouse) cat doesn't pee on the carpet.

ME: Minnie has a cartoon cat.

K: I can take them to the toilet.


J: Daddy, can I have your car?

Daddy: No, you can't have my car.

J: Can I have Mommy's car?

Daddy: Yes, you can.

J: Can I drive?

Daddy: Yes. Sure. You can drive.

K: Yay! I want to sit by Jordan.

Mommy: You guys can't drive. The police will get us.

K: I'm not drive. I sit beside Jordan. Jordan drives.


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