Thursday, May 26, 2011

our little actor

Drama Kids had presented a play this weekend and we could not have been prouder of Big M! For an offspring of a painfully shy person, he is not at all like me. He was very comfortable on stage and was excellent. He knew his lines but he still looked to others for his queue though, so in some parts he looks like he doesn't know his line because he is slightly behind the others. I only took pictures in the end, because I am also the videographer and I just can't hold both camera and camcorder. :)

The play is only 20 minutes and this is the middle part. I can't post the whole thing because we were told not to due to the play being original and copyrighted. 

This is at the end with the silly shot. Their wonderful teacher is in the back right.

This is all the Drama Kids from the school - the class is broken down to lower primary (k and 1st graders) and the upper primary is 2nd to 5th. The upper primary's play is Mystery Under the Big Top (hence the background).

Argh, Matey!

At the end of the performances the kids were given medals and trophies. A medal was given to kids who entered mid year and a trophy for those who started from the very beginning. Big M was very proud of his trophy.

K and J were very interested in the play. I think we may have 2 more Drama Kids here. :)

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